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I specialize in advertising design, logo design, and album packaging.

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Advertising Design

I have a great deal of experience with advertising design. 
Have a look at my work here. 

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I used to be in a heavy metal band, where I did all the layout and most of the artwork. Take a look at my work here.

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A little about myself...

I grew up a racing fan, mostly in NASCAR. I got into Formula One a few years ago. Lewis Hamilton and Jeff Gordon are my favorite drivers. So, I did a fun piece of fan art.

While not a sports guy myself, I do enjoy creating art for sports teams. Sports teams tend to have rugged, imperfect, messy art, which suits my style well. I graduated in 2011 from Nanih Waiya High School, so that made them the perfect choice for a piece.

I've worked in the field of graphic design since 2014 and, while much of my experience comes from on-the-job training, I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in the field at Mississippi State University. I look forward to the honor of receiving my degree.

Thank you for viewing my work. To see more, click the logo below to be taken to my portfolio.